A 10 Minute Make Up Routine for Busy Mornings

Mornings are a blur around here most days. They involve waking up before the sun comes up, working out, and trying to get everyone ready and out the door on time. Hectic, yes, but I hate feeling undone, so I found products that are easy to apply quickly, and do exactly what they’re meant to, so that I can look my best in under 10 minutes.

I’ve rounded up my go-to products for busy mornings, so if you’re looking to change up your make up routine, or just want some quick fixes with easy to use products, give this look a try and let me know what you think!

First off…

This look is all about looking fresh and having a subtle glow, a true no make-up make up look, which means moisturising properly is an absolute must. I use Simple’s Kind to Skin Moisture Cream, because it’s light and not greasy, but super-hydrating and has SPF 30; it ticks all the boxes as the base for a no-fuss look. I skipped a powder/ foundation base today, and let the mattifying bronzer and concealer do the work.

1 Use black eyeliner on the waterline

When I’m going for a minimal make up routine, the first thing I reach for is my Lakme black eyeliner. I use it on my waterline to define my eyes in an easy swipe, and it has amazing staying power.

2 Conceal any belmishes

If I’m in a rush, I skip the base and just dab concealer on where I need coverage, which is mainly under my eyes. I’ve recently started using the Revolution Conceal and Define, and let me tell you, this has been a game-changer. The doe applicator is ultra-soft, and the colour ( I use c12), is the perfect match for my skin. It provides high-coverage, doesn’t crease and blends easily with a beauty blender or my fingers.

3 Use a brown kohl and a multi-purpose stick to define the eyes

I used to wear eyeshadow almost every day, and whilst I still love it, when I’m in a rush, using the Mac Kohl in Teddy is a life saver. It’s the perfect shade of brown, with barely-there specks of glitter that just catch the light.
Add a dab of the Nars Multiple in Orgasm and blend it in to the kohl on the lower eyelid and for big, bright eyes, with subtle definition and a hint of colour.

4 Define your eyebrows and add some mascara

Taking a moment to fill in your brows will pull your entire look together. I’m loving the Sephora Brow Thickener, which is easy to apply and gives a natural, yet full finish to my brows. I also used the Benefit High-Brow Glow under the arch of my brows as a highligher. To finish the eyes, I used Maybelline Great Last Mascara, which curls, lengthens and adds volume to the lashes.

5 Warm up your face with some bronzer and blusher

Sephora has by far the best blusher collection; there is a colour for every skin tone and look. I recently picked up the blusher in Orange Pop, and although it looks scarily florescent, it blends like a dream and adds the perfect flush of colour to my cheeks. I used this large brush from Eco Tools, which I picked up in TK Maxx to apply a light layer of blush. I then used the same brush to apply a dusting of the NYX Matte Bronzer in Medium over my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead for a natural sun-kissed look.

6 Add some highlight

I have used the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for as long as I can remember. Today I used my Eco Tools brush to apply it to my cheeks and my nose for a subtle glow.

7 Finish your look with a good lipstick that lets you build up colour

I love lipsticks, all of them, but when I’m in a rush, applying a lip liner, a bright lipstick and then blotting is too much work. The Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour is moisturising, yet mat and you can build up as much colour as you want. Today, I used a tiny amount in the Plum shade and blended it in to my lips with my finger, for that bitten-lip effect.

And finally….

If you have oily-combination skin and you need to use a base, I recommend the Chanel Les Beiges Powder, which provides light coverage, and has SPF, but never gets chalky.

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