Hina’s Finds: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I’m a total beauty, skincare and fashion junkie, but lately I’ve been looking at what’s in my bathroom cabinet and my wardrobe, and asking myself what really works. What do I always reach for? What do I truly love, and why?

It’s easy (for me) to get carried away when I’m shopping, thinking that I must have that must-have shiny new thing, but I’m trying harder to focus on using what I have, and buying a few products that really do what they say.

So, every week, I’ll be sharing and reviewing something I’ve been using, to help others who are looking for beauty, skincare and fashion that truly delivers, and is worth the time, effort and investment.

To get started, this week’s product is the cult Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

What is it claims to do

According to Fresh, this #1 bestseller is a “gently powerful face wash with soy proteins that removes dirt and make up, without stripping the skin of essential moisture.” It was created for all skin types, and soothes and tones, leaving skin clean and supple.

How I use it

I’ve been using this cleanser twice a day on my face and neck, massaging it with my fingers in to slightly damp skin, and wiping away with a clean, soft, face cloth soaked in warm water. I stopped washing my face in the shower a while back because the heat was causing my skin to flake, and I always felt that there was a film of product on my skin when I just blasted it with water. The face cloth gives a thorough yet gentle clean, and I change it at the end of each day after 2 uses to prevent that nasty bacteria building up.

How my skin has changed

The calming cucumber and the rosewater in the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser have changed my skin; the flakiness I mentioned has gone, and random breakouts have all but disappeared. My skin is smoother and has a more even tone, and it’s more supple than ever (thank you, soy proteins).

The best part? It smells fresh and hygienic, and has a thin gel-like texture that transforms in to a cream when massaged in to my skin with water. After gently wiping it off, my face actually feels clean, with absolutely no trace of make up, and certainly no weird leftover product clogging up my pores.

To buy or not to buy

Spoiler alert: definitely go and buy this if you don’t already use it.

I have to give points to the the packaging for the 20th anniversary edition; it’s a gorgeous addition to any bathroom cabinet, and it comes in a larger 200ml size, which is perfect if you use it every day. The sleek, classic design comes in a 50ml handy travel size and a 150ml regular tube. You only need to use a few drops, so this cleanser may feel like a large upfront investment, but on a cost-per-use basis, it’s definitely more cost-effective than cheaper alternatives. For reference, a 150ml tube usually lasts 4-5 months if I use it twice daily, and the design means no dripping mess and no waste with excess product spilling out on to the lid.

This was one of the first Fresh goodies I ever tried, and I was hooked from the off. I don’t mind splurging on products that deliver on their promises, and this one certainly has. My skin is better for using it, and that’s really what skincare is all about.

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