About Me

Hello, welcome and thanks for finding me!  I’m Hina, wife and mummy of two, with a passion for vegetarian food, easy recipes, beauty products and books.

Life can get hectic, and I’m on a quest to simplify mine. After years of accumulating family recipes and bookmarking cookbooks, I have decided to only make the food I truly love.

What you’ll find here are my own flavorful vegetarian recipes which you can make with simple ingredients, and supermarket finds and kitchen hacks which are helping me to create a simple home life that I love.

When I’m not busy with family life or blogging, you’ll find me absorbed in a good book, running, doing some yoga, catching up with friends or trying to fit in a Netflix binge. I’m not good at doing nothing, but I find a calmness in doing the things I love.

I hope you’ll stay, have a look around and be inspired to join me on my journey as I create easy recipes that save time but don’t compromise on flavour.